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TOP100 der beliebtesten Twitter Apps / 100 Most Popular Twitter Apps 7. Dezember 2010

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Seit 24.02. 2009 07:41:51 nutze ich meinen Twitter-Account „Coachforyou“ und dabei stellt sich in meinen Live Coachings zu SocialMedia, Networking und Online Marketing immer wieder die Frage, was sind die besten Twitter Tools bzw. App´s, die ich empfehlen kann? Dabei kann uns die Plattform Oneforty eine gute Hilfe sein.
Hier die drei Erstplatzierten:

HootSuite - Twitter App
HootSuite allows organizations to use social web tools to schedule and publish messages to multiple social networks, monitor results and efficiently participate in conversations. Since Dec. 2008, HootSuite has earned awards from Open Web, CNMA, and Shortys and users include The White House, Martha Stewart Ominmedia, SXSW and Zappos.
Platforms: Mac, Web App, Windows | Categories: Clients, Schedule Tweets, Social CRM
Bit.ly - Twitter App

bit.ly allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier. bit.ly can be accessed through our website, bookmarklets and a robust and open API. bit.ly is also integrated into several popular third-party tools such as Tweetdeck. A more full list of third party tools can be found on the bit.ly blog. Unique user-level and aggregate links are created, allowing users to view complete, real-time traffic and referrer data, as well as location and metadata. Tracking stats are available after users shorten their long links with bit.ly by clicking on the „Info+“ link on bit.ly, or just adding a „+“ sign to the end of any bit.ly link – for example, http://bit.ly/n0og+
Platforms: Web App | Categories: Analytics, URL Shorteners, APIs & Libraries

TweetStats - Twitter App
One of the first third-party Twitter apps and the best way to graph stats about your Twitter account. Find out basic stats about your account including how many times you tweet per month and even zoom in on any month to see how many times you’ve tweeted on a given day. See who you’ve replied to the most, what Twitter apps you love and track your follower counts over time. The sweet TweetCloud also allows you to see what words you commonly use in all your tweets and even search old tweets for those words.
Platforms: Web App | Categories: Analytics, Fun Stats, Brand Tracking

Hier geht es zu den: 100 beliebtesten Twitter Apps

Welche Twitter Apps sind Ihre Besten?



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